[PAWSOME] 10% OFF: Unicharm Male Pet Diapers

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Available in 2 sizes - Small (46pcs) & Large (40pcs)

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  • Cool & fashionable design: Makes outings even more fun & stylish 
  • 1st in Japan 
  • Soft, slim & stretchable fit gathers: Hassle free to put on even if your dog cheerfully moves around
  • Comfortable & breathable: Prevent stuffiness & comfort for your dog with smooth & soft feeling 
  • Secured absorption capacity: Designed with middle secured absorber, able to absorbs urine for 6 hours 
  • Stays in position: Less likely to come off even when your dog is actively moving around 
  • Adjustable tail hole: Hole size to tuck in the tail is adjustable according for each dog 

Small: 35-40cm waist (46pc)

Large: 45cm-50cm waist (40pc)



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