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Pups & Bubs Everyday Dog Walking Bag In Latte

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Available in 1 size only

Designated pockets for every essential item you'll need on a dog walk, so that you will never have to dig through a bag again.

What can I fit into the Everyday Dog Walking Bag?
Everything you need on a dog walk / day out with your pup. 2 water bottles, wallet, keys, dog treats, hand sanitiser, tissues, phone, waste bags, portable bowl, and even a book. The 2 front pockets are lined with waterproof EVA, designed to store non-crumbly treats. It's very easy to reach into, which makes it great for outdoor training. There is also a hook on the side of the bag to attach a training clicker / temporarily hold leash when your hands are busy. 

How can I maximise space to carry other things?
The main compartment is designed to fit 2 water bottles (1 for you & 1 for your pup). However, if you’re using the hook provided to carry a portable bowl, then you only really need 1 water bottle to be shared amongst you. In that case, you could free up enough space to fit a DSLR camera into the bag! Or you could use that extra space to carry snacks for yourself too.

What is the bag good for?
It’s perfect for any outing with your dog, whether it’s short walks, long walks, or a full day out. The bag is extremely lightweight and compact, but can carry a lot more than meets the eye! When you’re not walking your dog, you can also use it to carry your own essentials + water to the gym / a grocery run. Since the bag can be worn on the front, it’s great for protecting your important possessions on public transport / crowded areas. 

IMPORTANT: Dog walking accessories are not included (i.e. water bottle / portable bowl / waste bags)

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