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25% OFF: HappyBond Happy Again Collagen+ For Joint & Hip Supplement For Senior Dogs

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Available in 1 size only - 14oz/400g 

Life Stage: Senior (7+) 
Made In: United States 

For 7+ years old dogs. Restore your dogs youth for the long run. Immunifying super supplement! 

  • Restore your dogs youth on a cellular Level
  • Immunity fueling, anti-aging and multi-integrative formulas for your superdog.
  • Careful fragmentation for 99% molecular bioavailability.
  • Functional level of all 20 Amino Acids extracted in a patented process 
  • Sourced exclusively in Germany 
  • Combined with potent anti-inflammatory and immune boosting elements
  • Increased immunity, improved movement, decreased joint pain, reduced inflammation and youthful cell renewal
  • 80 scoops/package sprinkle over dog’s food  


  • No fillers 
  • No chemicals
  • No additives 
  • No artificial anything 
  • Shinier coat 
  • Improves mobility
  • Preventative
  • Human grade 
  • 100% active ingredients 

In the senior lifestage, beloved senior pups have lost the ability to produce collagen and their joints are degrading. Our proven patent pending Collagen+ was developed for a very special senior named Tony. With the arthritis pain, he couldn’t skateboard. The formulation Anja developed helped him skate again and made everyone HappyAgain.

What to expect the result:

As your senior dog might have started to slow down you will recognise the benefits in their increase of agility and energy. A shiny coat and healthy skin is a benefit at this point too. It is not always what you see from the outside, you can be assured that you are giving your dog the best long lasting healthy joint life!

Why it works the science:

Our founder, Anja, is a biotech scientist specializing in cartilage tissue engineering. What does that mean for your pup? Your dog’s joints are primarily composed of collagen, which naturally deteriorates with age, often resulting in stiffness and joint discomfort. Anja used her research in cartilage rebuilding to create HappyBond’s Collagen+ formula proven to activate collagen biosynthesis with Vitamin C. Also, the glucosamine reduces joint inflammation due to stress and exercising, while the hyaluronic acid lubricates the joints and keeps synovial fluid moist. All the while, Vitamins D and E keep your pup's skin and hair healthy and vibrant.

Visit HappyBond website to know more about HappyBond Happy Again Collagen+ For Joint & Hip Supplement For Senior Dogs