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Available in 1 size only - 3kg

Breed Size: All Breeds Life Stages: All Stages  Special Diet: By-Product, Gluten Free Protein/Flavor: Chicken

Made In: New Zealand

Semi-soft, easily digestible, gluten free and low allergen food for dogs
Rich in fish oil, therefore high in Essential Fatty Acids ~ Omega 3 (DHA & EPA) and Omega 6.
Contains prebiotics which stimulate growth and maintenance of beneficial gut bacteria which promotes overall health
Infused with natural Antioxidants and Vitamin C & E
Protein is 90% animal based and it has a 40% meat content from freshly ground meat and bone
Absolutely no by-products or animal digest used. It's also gluten free
Has a higher energy content in comparison to most other brands of dry food; hence the daily amount needed is lesser
Great for seniors who are not able to chew on solid food

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