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Petkit Pura Dog Dog Training Litter Tray

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by Petkit

Available in 1 size only

Pee As You Wish, No More Worries.

It’s normal for pets keepers to encounter some little accidents with their pets, like the casual excretion at home. To avoid your dog having such accident, PURA DOG, dedicatedly designed tray by PETKIT for dogs, is high-quality and easy to clean, keeping your house clean and refreshing.

Training Excrete At The Fixed Place, free From Worry: Double-layer flat tray is made with superior non-toxic resin, durable and corrosion resistant. Detachable vertical pillar is access to both genders. Helps dogs develop good habits of urinating at designated places.

Special Diaper For Perfect Fit: Made from active carbon molecule, 60X instant absorption for quick drying. Specially designed size is perfectly suitable to PURA DOG. You may fix diapers at the mesh panel or bottom tray, either.

Easy To Use & Clean: Innovative handle on the mesh panel allows you to open the tray with just fingers, simplifying process to change diapers and waste down the tray.

Detachable Design For More Shinning Point: Mesh panel can be detached from the bottom tray. Just lift handle upward to easily remove the mesh. Step-by-step wash for simple cleaning.

Tray Material PP
Diaper Material Active carbon, cotton
Tray size(mm) 520 X 390 X 47
Diaper size(mm) 475 X 345
Application  Small / Medium dogs (both genders)


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