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Petkit Eversweet Gen 3 Pet Drinking Fountain Filter Unit

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by Petkit

Available in 1 size only - 5pcs/box

An upgraded version with better filtration of water. The NEW water dispenser enhances the water filtration system, making the water cleaner with double the volume of effective materials for filtering the water.

Internal compartment remain the same as before. The changes are mainly on the top filter which is different in design, main filter which has double the volume of filtering materials and a deeper filter tray below which helps to optimize the structure of filter. Improved the effect of animals hair filtering. Eversweet Gen 2 gives a much more cleaner and fresher water for your pet.

**You can upgrade your current EVERSWEET 1 by purchasing a new box of upgraded filter and a FREE filter tray will be given for the upgrading.

A box of 5 replacement upgraded filters

Replaceable filter units and unique water flow will effectively screen the impurities, reduce chlorine and
remove the heavy metal ions.

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