Petkit EverSweet Pink One-Touch Pet Travel Waterer

by Petkit

Available in 1 size only

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Breed Size: All Breeds
Life Stages: All Stages
Made In: ShangHai, China

EVERSWEET Travel - "The design of this compact pet activity monitor places particular focus on rigidity, making it highly shock resistant". —Statement by the reddot jury

One Hand Watering: With one hand watering your dog, the other hand can well behave your dog in case of accidents. With one simple press, the water will flow out smoothly. This design decreases many troubles & ensures dog's safety as well.

More Suitable: Dog mouth is different from human. Dogs usually drink water by curling their tongues, just like a spoon to get as much water as they can. Thus, we designed an arc water through to fit their drinking habits, making it easier for them to drink. 

Portable Purification System: A considerate water purification resolution for outdoor activities. Activated carbon can remove impurities & reduce the chlorine from direct drinking tap or cooled boiled water.  By contrast, the replaceable carbon filter is equal to 100 single-serve water bottles, which is more economic & environmental-friendly. 

Strong Antibacterial Effects: Since the bacteriostatic effect cannot be easily achieved by the sealed cup, we choose BioCleanAct as the main material because of its continuous inhibition of the bacteria growth in the open drinking through. We designed an arc trough to fit their living habits, making it easier for them to drink. 

One-Touch Leak Proof Button: When the button is on the left, press it & the water will come out. When the button is on the right, the button itself is locked to prevent accident leakage. 

Secret Of Healthy Drinking: EVERSWEET Travel meets the dechlorination requirements of Standard 43 in NSF/ANSI. Its material is 100% extraction from coconut peelings, which removes the unpleasant odors & the chlorinate residues, absorbs foreign substance & improves the flavor. During your travel, it can supply sufficient clean water to keep your dog energetic. 

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