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Petkit Everclean Pink Pet Massage Comb

by Petkit
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Available in 1 size only

  Reduce malting hair with the Everclean Massage Comb from Petkit

The Everclean Massage Comb and Pet Brush is made with high-quality, skin-friendly silicone and 3D curved bristles to glide through pet hair and remove tangles. The shape of the comb also promotes circulation by gently massaging the skin, and is an enjoyable experience for both owner and pet.

Remove Loose Hair and Remove Tangles: The Everclean massage Pet Brush has varying sizes of curved silicone bristles which work together to untangle pet hair, remove loose hair and massage the skin at different angles.

Kind to Your Pet’s Skin: Made using the finest quality silicone the Pet Brush is gentle on the sensitive skin of your pet, with a matte coating to avoid irritation and provide a relaxing cleaning experience.

Pet Brush for Both Dry and Wet Use: The Everclean Pet Brush can be used under both wet and dry conditions and performs well with or without water. The comb grooms your pet’s fur with ease and removes any nasty knots or matted hair, but can also be used during bath time with pet shampoo for a deeper clean.

Easy to Clean: For owners, the Everclean Pet Brush can be easily cleaned after both wet and dry use. Pet hair can be easily removed from the comb between uses, and for a deep clean the comb can be soaked in warm water.

Colour White / Pink
Size (mm) 79 x 79 x 36
Material Silicone

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