Kakato Tuna & Cheese Wet Dog Food

by Kakato

Available in 2 sizes - 70g & 170g

    Breed Size: All Breeds
    Life Stages: All Stages
    Protein/Flavor:  Tuna (Fish)
    Made In: Thailand

    Kakato is the New Zealand Maori word for 'delicious'. Kakato premium pet food is made from the highest quality, natural & human grade ingredients with no additives or flavoring. These three elements make Kakato stand out from its competitors & most loved by pets & their owners. 

    To continue the philosophy of feeding pets with healthy diets, a series of Kakato healthy snacks including those made of 100% natural meat from New Zealand finest farm produce, free from hormone & disease. 

    • Helps pets settle down in a new environment quickly
    • Improves pet's appetite when suffering from anorexia 
    • Improves pet's appetite during convalescence following surgery or illness 
    • Helps increase pet's fluid intake when added to their regular dry food (i.e higher fluid intake protects against idiopathic feline lower urinary tract disease)
    • Reduce intake of chemicals & preservative in the long run

    Tuna: Excellent choice for a high-quality protein and low-fat fish. Rich in Omega-3 (EPA & DHA), helps neural, brain, retinal and foetal development with addition to improve skin and coat condition.

    Cheese: A source with exceptional content of calcium, which is important for bones and teeth health. Rich content of vitamins and other essential minerals for proper bodily function.
    Tuna 71 %
    Cheese 5 %
    Water 24 %


    Crude Protein (min.) 16 %
    Crude Fat (min.) 1 %
    Crude Fibre (max.) 1 %
    Ash (max.) 2 %
    Moisture (max.) 81 %

    Energy: 76.3kcal/100g(ME)

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