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Honey Care Pet Training Large Pet Sheets (20Pcs)

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Available in 1 size - Large (20Pcs)

Honey Care’s Pet Training Pad comes with a high-density, funnel shaped fabric layer to drain urine inside the pad, all while providing reverse osmosis, side leakage and tracking.

Using high-performance absorbent polymer imported from Japan, each pad offers long-lasting absorption and quick drying, leaving the top surface fresh after use.

The base of the pad is woven with polyethylene fibres — a material commonly used for baby diaphers. This allows Honeycare’s training pads to be lightweight, anti-infiltration and leak-proof. Natural wood grains infused in the pads are bacteriostatic, providing excellent bacterial and odour control.

Measurement: 60 x 90cm 
Quantity: 20 pieces