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Available in 2 sizes - 480ml & 1gal

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Made In: Taiwan

CHITOCURE® Chitosan Cleansing Cleansing Milk contains natural chitin & a variety of plant extracts with soothing, astringent & antibacterial effect. It can effectively inhibit the growth & reproduction of bacterial mold, enhance the skin as well as hair health. Special addition of carbon element extract is one of the elements of natural adsorption capacity is very good. It is a special ultra-fine microporous molecular structure, the physical adsorption principle. It is able to remove the excess depth of pores and dirt to achieve deep purification effect.
Suitable for dogs such as terrier, golden retriever etc. 

Natural chitin (chitin, chitosan), carbon element extract, chamomile extract, witch hazel extract, raspberry extract.

Lather & massage into wet coat and scalp.
Leave on coat for 3 to 5 minutes.
Rinse thoroughly and repeat if necessary.

For best results, follow with Chitosan moisturizing fine use which can increase the hair luster & supple good carding

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