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Bow Wow Salmon Slice Jerky For Cats

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by Bow Wow
SKU BW1059

Available in 1 size only - 20g

Life Stages: All Stages
Protein/Flavor: Fish
Made In: Korea 

  • Prepared by a special tenderised method from favourite cat ingredients such as fresh fish, chicken, beef and lamb, with additional extracts that restraint the smell of cat's feaces and pee.
  • Contains fiber that supports the removal of hairball easely.
  • BOWWOW cat foods are prepared from variety functional ingredients including taurine, vitamins, minerals, etc, for your lovely cat’s health. 
  • A soft treat, highly digestible and nutrient rich.
  • The fresh lamb meat and beef are made from Australia and New zealand while the salmon and tuna are obtained from clean waters.
  • Has high protein and low calorie to control obesity
  • Additional taurine to promote better health.
  • Contains fiber that supports the easy removal of hairball.

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