Beaphar Glucosamnine Easy Treats

by Beaphar

Available in 1 size only - 150g

Breed Size: All Breeds
Life Stages: All Stages
Made In: United Kingdom

Joint Fit is the solution for dogs with stiff joints and muscles. Joint problems do not only occur in larger breeds and older dogs, but also in smaller and younger dogs. Joint Fit helps to keep your dog agile and lively.

Note: Product picture is for reference only. Product packaging may look different. 

Every day, give one treat per 5kg bodyweight. Nutritional supplements take time to produce a visible effect, and administration should continue at this level until a significant improvement has been achieved. Thereafter, the number of treats may be reduced to 1 per 10kg bodyweight to maintain good condition. 

It should be noted that some dogs may respond less well, due to other underlying conditions. Veterinary advice should be sought in these cases.

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