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by Beaphar
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Available in 1 pack of 7 pieces

Breed Size: Small
Life Stages: All Stages
Made In: United Kingdom

Providing a great source of the superfood Spirulina, these unique, star-shaped sticks encourage the body's natural mouth and teeth cleaning process throughout chewing and long after ingestion. If you notice a change in your dog, such as reluctance to eat, favoring one side of the mouth, lack of grooming, or staining around the mouth, it may be the onset of dental disease and he should be seen by a vet. The treats are low in fat with no artificial flavorings or colorants.

Natural brown seaweed, Decaffinated green tea extract, Zinc, Spirulina
  • Suitable for dogs over 10kg.  
  • Feed one stick per day as a treat or reward.  
  • Dogs should be supervised at all times whilst feeding.  
  • Not suitable for dogs below 4 months of age.  
  • Always keep fresh drinking water available. 

Store in a cool, dry place.

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