Bark 2 Basics All Purpose Skin Remedy Shamooo


Available in 2 sizes - 16oz & 1 gallon 

Breed Size: All Breeds Life Stages: All Stages  Product Category: Calming & Skin Remedy 

Made In: United States

Skin Remedy Shampoo is crafted with red algae based CTAB to alleviate skin irritations associated with bacteria, yeast, ringworm, crusting, scaling and flaking. Thoroughly cleans hair, restores shine and manageability. Precisely concentrated 10 to 1 and finished with a Spearmint fragrance.

Sulfosuccinate Surfactant, Amphoteric Surfactant, Benzoin Tree Gum Preservative, CTAB, Chelating Agent, Color, Reverse Osmosis Water, Spearmint Fragrance



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