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Bacon Hoho-Hoppan Bun Dog Toy

by Bacon
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The act of smelling a dog with a developed sense of smell can get information about the environment, and it is helpful to relieve stress and prevent dementia by just acting. However, our children who receive meals from their guardians at home do not use 10% of this highly developed sense of smell to chase their prey.

Bacon Box's THINK toy is a kind of toy exclusively for dogs that promotes insufficient olfactory activity and nurtures the dog's problem-solving ability, that is, the power to think, through natural play. Now, with Bacon's THINK toy, please give your dog a more enjoyable sense of smell.

If you open the white bread in half, there is a nosework pocket that resembles a hidden bean paste. If you hide the snack and put it back with a mild squeegee, you are ready to step 2 nose walk.

The nose walk module of Pizza Hopan, a favorite of both adults and children. If your child's favorite snack is hidden in a pizza topping and wrapped again, the second stage nose walk is ready.

Minimizes skin chafing caused by friction applied to the skin around the nose or mouth due to intense nosewalk play by dog ​​friends.

The high and short sounds produced by toys stimulate your dog's curiosity and arouse interest in toys.


12cm in diameter and 7.5cm in height

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