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Bacon Hallabong Tangerine 🍊 Dog Toy

by Bacon
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The act of smelling a dog with a developed sense of smell can get information about the environment, and it is helpful to relieve stress and prevent dementia by just acting. However, our children who receive meals from their guardians at home do not use 10% of this highly developed sense of smell to chase their prey.

Bacon's THINK toy is a toy that promotes insufficient olfactory activity and nurtures the dog's problem-solving abilities, i.e. the power to think, through natural play. Give your dog a more enjoyable and diverse olfactory activity!

Meet the more difficult stage nosework toy. Inside the incised entrance of Hallabong, there is a small sized nosework pocket, as well as a lined tissue, so you can enjoy nosework in a variety of ways. The round shape of Hallabong induces the curiosity and interest of children who love balls.

Inside the Hallabong, there are small grains and tissues. Especially, if you roll and hide snacks in a long yellow cloth connected to Hallabong, you can complete the nose walk of higher difficulty! The point is to pull out the tissues in a row, like playing'Tissue Draw'!

A long piece of fabric can be partially cut to hide more snacks comfortably.

With two nosework pockets, it's a great size for all children to get wet. When asked with some ribbed fabrics, you can feel a wider variety of textures. The beep beep- the sound stimulates the curiosity of your dog friends!

Hallabong's Bite Spot leaves are connected with ropes, so even small friends can easily bite and play. The rustling sound is even more intriguing.

It is made of soft & special fabric. As it is a nose walk that uses the mouth and nose, it is made of soft Polarpolis fabric so that it is safe to bite and shake. The main body of Hallabong is coated with a sponge and made without cotton and only with a bonding structure. It is safer because there is no fear of swallowing the cotton.

  • Hallabong | 15cm in diameter and 18cm in height
  • Grains | Length 11 cm

Visit Bacon website to know more about Bacon Hallabong Tangerine 🍊  Dog Toy

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