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Available in 1 size - 180tabs 

Life Stages: All Stages 
Made In: United Kingdom

An effective multivitamin formula promoting feline vitality and a glossy coat, Beaphar Top 10 contains key vitamins for daily supplementing, suitable for all breeds of cat.

A highly palatable, easy-to-use multivitamin tablet supplement for cats, Beaphar Top 10 for Cats have a tasty shrimp flavouring making them more readily accepted by cats.  They contain 10 vitamins, including Vitamin A, B, D and E to support optimum health, promote vitality and a glossy coat, and essential minerals to support the natural development of bones and teeth. In addition, they contain added taurine to support eye and heart function, for a daily supplement helping to prevent nutrient deficiencies and ensure optimum condition.

  • Highly palatable shrimp flavoured multi-vitamin supplement
  • Suitable for all breeds of cat
  • Contains an essential blend of vitamins, minerals and trace elements
  • Supports optimum health
  • Promotes vitality and a glossy coat
  • Supports the natural development of bones and teeth
  • Supports eye and heart function
  • For daily supplementing
  • Resealable tub to retain freshness and nutrients
  • 180 tablets per tub

      Give your cat one Beaphar Top 10 tablet per 1kg of bodyweight per day.

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