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Banish litter tray odours forever! This revolutionary new product traps urine and destroys the smells that arise from used cat litter. One application will double the life of your cat litter. Cat Litter Deodoriser is completely biodegradable, pH neutral, and totally safe. The unique Urine Encapsulation Technology quickly renders the litter odour free, and the blend of friendly bacteria, which subsequently eat the urine, keep it that way. Urine encapsulation works so fast that only a little perfume is needed in the product, which is a major benefit, as cats hate the smell of strong perfumes so much that they will avoid them. Not good if you want them to use the litter tray!

      • Clean out the litter tray and add fresh litter.
      • Sprinkle approximately 20g Cat Litter Deodoriser over the litter. 
      • If you have one cat, one application is sufficient to keep the litter odour free for a week. 
      • In multi-cat households, you can re-apply Cat Litter Deodoriser to the used litter, or clean out the tray and start afresh.

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