Absolute Bites Air Dried Roo Waffles


Available in 1 size only - 220g

      Breed Size: All Breeds
      Life Stages: All Stages
      Special Diet: By-Product Free, Grain Free, Single Ingredient
      Protein/Flavor: Kangaroo
      Made In: New Zealand

      Absolute Bites Kangaroo series are packed with antioxidants omega 3 and B12 vitamins - the most non allergenic meat that's perfect for sensitive stomach and allergies prone dogs.

      Low in cholesterol and fat and high in protein and minerals.

      Kangaroo has the lowest fat content among all meat treats (less than 2%) and the highest level of antioxidants NEARLY 5x more than any other treat.

      Our products are made to a human consumption level to keep them FREE of any nasty preservatives, steroids or additives. No chemicals or sprays are used before or after the drying method

      100% naturally air and freeze-dried over several days to ensure the products retain their high nutritional value and quality.

      Soft hand cut Kangaroo Lung pieces - the perfect snack or training treat for any dog especially ones that have trouble chewing harder treats.

      • Single Ingredient Air-Dried Cat & Dog Treats 
      • 100% Natural & Hypoallergenic
      • Rich in CLA (Conjugated linoleic acid) & more
      • 0% Grains, Gluten, Antibiotics Or Added Hormones

        100% Kangaroo Lungs 

        Crude Protein (min) 57.0%
        Crude Fat (min) 1.9%
        Crude Fiber (max) 0.9% 


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