[LAUNCH PROMO]: Hi 5 Paws Candy Pink Minky Dots Pillow


Available in 3 sizes - Small, Medium & Large

  • Handmade with love ūüíõ
  • Soft & durable¬†
  • Filled with fiberfill¬†
  • Easy washing¬†

Please note that every piece is different because it is handmade from scratch & color may differ due to the lighting. 

What is a Minky Dots fabric? 

It has a soft short pile and is as soft as cashmere. Minky is the ultimate fabric for creating baby blankets, cozy robes, apparel, toys, quilt backings, and just about any baby accessory. That's why we choose to use minky dots for our pillow because we want the best for our furkids. 

Small: 210 x 297 mm (estimate) 

Medium: 297 x 420 mm (estimate) 

Large: 400 x 600 mm (estimate) 

Fabric: 100% Polyester 

Filling: 100% Premium Fiber Fill 


  1. Hand wash or machine wash in cold.
  2. For best results, wash alone.
  3. Use normal liquid detergent 
  4. NO fabric softener.
  5. Tumble dry on AIR setting or hang to dry.


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